Community members are working together to plan the celebration of Nob Hill’s 100th birthday. All are welcome to provide ideas or help with planning. Those currently planning include residents, business owners, and members from neighborhood groups who will be involved in the celebration….

Nob Hill Neighborhood Association

Nob Hill Main Street

Q Creative

Albuquerque Film & Music Experience

reDiscover Nob Hill

Monte Vista Elementary

Media Arts Collaborative School

Immanuel Presbyterian

Monte Vista Christian Church

All are welcome. It’s never too late to join!

We hope to make Nob Hill is 100 the theme for all area celebrations in 2016 including


-Albuquerque Film and Music Experience at Nob Hill

-Screening of Nob Hill film shorts and movies from the early days of Nob Hill

-Twinkle light parade

-Shop n’ Stroll

as well as new events just for 2016


Initiatives completed in 2014

  1. We established ..Thanks to Jeff Tuttle at Monte Vista Elementary and Eli Quinn, Creative Director of Q Creative.
  1. Eli developed the Nob Hill is 100 logo.
  1. 250 hats with the Nob Hill is 100 oval logo were donated…..they are being distributed/sold by Main Street and Nob Hill Neighborhood Association to raise funds for the celebrations

4.Geographic Information Demonstration…Neighbor and architecture graduate student Natalia Vladimirova created a site that identifies locations with historic photos and overlays current photos of the structures.

  1. Filmmakers Mikel Arraiz and Joel Ortiz filmed and edited the short film Nob Hill is 100. It will be premiered on February 23, 2015 and will then be available to groups and viewable on

Initiatives in planning for 2015 and 2016:


Bernalillo County has awarded Nob Hill Neighborhood Association (NHNA) a grant of $8,800 to facilitate outreach efforts during 2015.  It will be applied to the first 5 initiatives below:

  1. 1. Oral History…NHNA volunteers are locating tradition bearers and conducting interviews; 3 so far. We have a contract provider which will videotape and edit 20 interviews and highlight discs of about 10 minutes per video at a cost of $4,494. Let us know of possible tradition bearers we can interview!
  1. Film short celebrating traditions and life ways of Nob Hill past and present

Volunteers will review oral history highlights with the video provider and select segments for inclusion in a 10 minute film short. Video provider will edit the short for $535.

  1. Bumper stickers and window placards…Nob Hill Main Street has purchased 250 window cards 1,000 bumper stickers using the Bernco 2015 grant. Contact Main Street or your neighborhood association if you would like some at no cost.
  1. 2015 architecture and history walk…… NHNA will lead its Spring 2015 walk highlighting the earliest portions of Nob Hill.
  1. Outreach through public art…NHMS will manage contract with local artist. Current concept is for a mural. Your ideas are welcome!

2015 initiatives beyond Bernco grant

  1. Public Landscape and Art Installation at Wellesley Triangle

NHNA is pursuing 1% for art funding. We hope to have the art project reference Nob Hill is 100 and dedicate the piece in Fall 2016.

  1. Public Landscape and Art Installation along Copper Ave east of Morningside NE

NHMS is pursuing, possibly a linear timeline theme. Hopefully this would include CABQ landscaping for the north side of Copper Ave; Rob Munro has asked Cisco McSorley to seek state funding…

  1. Additional film shorts; Individuals, businesses, and groups are needed to help create and fund additional short films celebrating:

Nob Hill’s commercial district

Nob Hill’s neighborhoods

Nob Hill’s art scene

Nob Hill’s schools

Nob Hill’s faith community

Nob Hill’s revitalization in the 80’s including cornerstones like Nob Hill Shopping Center, Scalo, Flying Star, Jones Motor Co.

  1. Albuquerque Film and Music Experience has suggested:
  2. Nob Hill is 100 at AFME in June 2016 and possibly during mini-AFME during Balloon Fiesta, October 2016:

Showcase film shorts above and others to be produced during the festival (engaging Media Arts School or ABQ Global film makers: possible topics: architecture, parades or events through the years, arts, culture, and businesses over the years)

  1. One day outdoor celebrations, street fair, outdoor movies, possibly projected on the Century Link building on Copper Ave. (Food trucks?)

iii. Screen a block of movies spanning each year or decade around 1916. Promote as a series via AFME, social media, website, year round events.

  1. AFME annual student art and photography contest; Theme: Nob Hill is 100; What does Nob Hill mean to you? (possible tie-in with film short celebrating Nob Hill students) wide demographics, kids to professionals
  2. As we pursue art ideas AFME recommends talking with artist Michael Ostaski,
  1. Monte Vista Elementary celebrations…2015; Synergize art and architectural history to learn and help decorate the area for the two celebrations. Student-created banners, tile murals, and fence mural designs are some of the ideas Monte Vista art teacher Keri Piehl has brewing for the celebration. NHNA is considering a grant to help fund this initiative….2015 and 2016; Students will help design and plan for their official plaque designating Monte Vista’s listing in the National Register. The plaque will be placed during its 85th birthday celebration in 2016, another chance for the community to come together and enjoy our rich shared history. (Monte Vista and reDiscover Nob Hill placed a State Register plaque in 2011 for the school’s 80th birthday.)
  1. Monte Vista Christian Church is looking at recreating the 35 cent chicken dinners that its ladies staged regularly in the early 1930s to raise construction funds for the church. All will be welcome and the neighborhood association is considering co-sponsoring to keep the original 35 cent price.

The congregation is also considering co-sponsoring a 2016 pet parade with a Nob Hill is 100 theme.

  1. Steve Paternoster has offered to host an event at Scalo

Other ideas kicking around in need of leadership or sponsorship:

  1. An advertising/information booklet for 2016; The advertising revenue could create funding for the events. NHNA is considering using its Spring 2016 newsletter for this purpose.
  2. Involving Bandelier School
  3. Social Media…..Duke City Fix
  4. When Monte Vista Fire Station was completed in 1935 builders mounted a plaque commemorating its completion. When CABQ built the new station on Girard Blvd NE they moved the plaque there. The original plaque could be returned to the original station and/or a replica could be purchased and mounted on the original station.
  5. Research and mount NM state register plaques on qualifying houses, either those individually registered or contributing houses in the Monte Vista and College View historic district…We could advertise for people interested and hold a drawing to select those to be researched and plaqued…plaques cost $275 each…they could be mounted by volunteer labor. This could qualify for a 2016 Bernco cultural grant if done as a drawing.
  6. Research and mount interpretive plaques on historic commercial buildings….These might be designed along the lines of the Nob Hill is 100 logo.
  7. Erect way finding signs in the commercial and residential districts to help people enjoy and understand the area.
  8. Banners on our streetlight posts, commercial district…Our streetlight posts have standards for 69 banners…Main Street put up some nice ones in 2014…cost about $4,000 for the banners….$6,000 hanging was donated by PNM….these look great!….We could do a Nob Hill is 100 banner in 2016…We could alternate this with existing banners or with student-designed banners; could be funded by subscription to individuals and businesses who would have their name on the banner they sponsor.
  9. Story Boards
  10. Time Capsule